Nurses To Possibly Receive More Power In Florida

No matter where you are in the world, a visit to the hospital will mean hours of waiting. Doctors, nurses and administration are often inundated and this seems to be the norm. However, the “decision makers” of Florida are trying to change the situation. The bill in question aims to increase the capacity of nurses by allowing them to prescribe certain controlled substances and work without supervision.

There seems to be strong opinion on either side of the argument. Some doctors claiming that nurses should always be under supervision. Others believe that the nurses who are sufficiently qualified could potentially fill the space needed for healthcare employees. Another point being raised is that more liberal prescription regulations could result in certain drugs being illegally prescribed.

Florida is known for being a fairly restrictive state in regards to their control measures in the healthcare field so if this law is to go through then it could swing the balance back. It seems as though there are valid arguments on either side, however, this would surely be somewhat of an answer to staff shortage. site information Another aspect where it will help is with patient care. safe domain name search You could imagine that waiting for pain killer prescriptions when in dire need wouldn’t be a nice experience. This new bill could ease situations like this.

Time will tell what happens with this issue, but hopefully whatever happens the quality of care for patients should be at the forefront of the decision.

Watch for changes by checking in at the Florida Board of Nursing site.

Nursing Shoes Will Change Your Life

The title of this article may sound like a very bold statement, but the facts are a lot of nurses go through their careers with many aches and pains. Hours in uncomfortable shoes or shoes without any podiatric value is the bane of a lot of nurses existence. On top of that the slippery floors that are synonymous with hospitals and health care centers present a safety challenge for these busy professionals. It’s no wonder their profession carries an above average injury risk particularly related to falls. However, the situation is not dire.

Nursing shoe manufacturers have been able to “up the ante” so to speak, with new footwear technology catering to these caring people. So you might ask, “What could be so great about a shoe?”, or, “what difference will my shoes make?”. The fact is that they can make a world of difference. Let’s take a look why:

Firstly, this type of footwear is designed with what the job entails in mind. They do not require the cushion of a typical runner as they are designed for your feet pounding the floor. At the same time they require better arch support and shock absorption then your typical casual shoe. They really need to cater to standing for long periods of time and copious amounts of walking. The industry has come up with different footbeds and soles to allow for this kind of activity. For instance, the manufacturer Dansko have created a memory foam footbed that allows for the right amount of support and shock-absorption. On top of that they have made their footbeds removable so that you can insert customized foot pads. It’s easy to see how your comfort levels can be increased by this innovative technology.

Most workplaces can prove to be dangerous and healthcare institutions are no exception., an online source for nursing information, suggested that these environments can be as dangerous as a construction site. What can footwear do about this? The market has seen the arrival of various slip-resistant rubber soles and shoes that are tested to meet third party approvals on traction. These features offer a little more peace of mind to the everyday nurse.

Nursing shoes used to have a reputation for being ugly and bulky. The last thing you would have called them is stylish. Again, times have changed and they are now available in various chic designs. Another good example would be the popular brand Nurse Mates, a company that not only creates shoes to directly cater to nurses but also makes them look good at the same time. One of their most popular products, The Bryar, even features a 2” heel but offers the same stability and comforts of your typical nursing shoe.

Another factor to think about is the longevity of your shoe. With the higher quality soles and the durable leathers that the manufacturers use it’s easy to get more time out of your shoe. This saves you money down the line. Not only that, but a lot of these materials are stain-resistant and easy to clean, again adding to how long you will get out of them but also adds to your professional look. A clean and tidy shoe will add to your overall professional image.

One thing that scares many away from buying a good pair of shoes is the price tag. However, high prices and quality don’t always go hand in hand. There are opportunities to save money on your purchases, especially with the advent of online retailing, if you know where to look you can find unprecedented prices. One avenue that you can find great savings on the popular brand Nurse Mates is through various sites that offer Nurse Mates coupons.

Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how quality footwear designed for the healthcare industry can make a difference to your performance and wellbeing. The information presented here is really only the tip of the ice berg in terms of what is available to nurses around the globe so be sure to check out your options. For a nurse, along with their invaluable training, their feet are one of their most valuable assets, so it’s worth taking care of them.